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We minister to individuals on a daily basis.
However, testimonies are encouraging and we choose to share a few of them with you here.

Want to Share Your Testimony?

If you have been ministered to by a member of our team and would like to share a testimony, Contact Us

What to include:

Very short statements about what the issue was prior to ministry.

On a scale of 1 - 10  (How bad was it?)

After you received ministry what was the result?

What could you do that you could not do before?

Has our training made a difference in your walk?

Thank you!

Wednesday Bible Training

"Hey! Thanks so much for your Wednesday night class, I've enjoyed listening to it, and have to confess I've let myself become discouraged and sometimes give excuses (in my head) of why not to pray for someone in need. Bottom line, its selfishness and insecurity. I am the righteousness of Christ, and I need to stop living for what other people think. I want peoples approval, especially my husband's, but I don't want that to dictate my actions anymore.


When you spoke to someone in turmoil last week, that was me, and something broke off of me and I cried, and felt a release of pressure. The Dan Mohler teaching you shared helped put things in perspective too, I was the camel, and the straw broke my back because of my expectations and self-centered focus.


I still don't totally understand, but I am thankful for the truth, and want to walk in love and obedience. Blessings"

Divine Healing Training

Ulcerative Colitis - Healed! Delivered from Depression! Pain in Chest, Back and Lungs - Gone, Healed! Back Pain - Gone, Healed! Lower Back Pain - Gone, Healed! Swelling in Left Knee - Swelling Gone! - Healed! Hip Pain - Gone, Healed! Carpal Tunnel - Both wrists mobile and pain gone, Healed! Praise the Lord!

Healing Room Ministry

C-Raleigh, NC

Speech impediment due to stroke, leg and shoulder not functioning properly. Could not move arm up and down. After ministry: Speech improved, leg mobility improved 60% and arm had full range of motion, could lift it above head. The team will continue to meet with her and enforce life until healing is 100%. Praise the Lord!

D-Washington, WV

Prostate health issue, pain, fatigue, dizziness, neck tightness and lack of mobility. After ministry, we received this report the next day...

""I am pleased to report, the prostate health issue , has been healed! Additionally, my neck and balance issue has also gone away !"

Glory to God!​

J-Georgetown, SC

Long term ringing in ears and hearing loss. After ministry: Testified that the ringing was completely gone and hearing was fine. Hallelujah!

C - Raleigh, NC

Continual acid reflux. After Ministry: Acid reflux gone completely.


Pain in right eye - gone and floaters extremely diminished.

Stiff knee - healed completely!

Vision could not read. was better as we ministered and then could make out letters, then words, and overnight could read whole sentences.  

Neck pain - Pain diminished from a 4 to a zero. Healed! 

Pain under left arm - Pain completely gone!

Stuffy nose/allergies - Stuffy nose gone! 

Back Pain - Went from a 3 to a zero as we ministered. Healed!

Freed from oppression/heaviness - No more fear! FREE!

Audio Testimonies
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