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It all began late 2021 - early 2022

Jerry and I have mostly been a traveling ministry over the years even though he held and associate pastor position with the church of his late parents. His dad passed in quiet a few years ago and his mom just at the beginning of 2020. After his mother passed away we continued to use the building for special evangelistic meetings and the church that did exist dissolve and we took over the responsibilities and upkeep of the buildings. We began holding weekly healing and discipleship meeting in 2020 and starting light fixer upper jobs on the building at that time. The bigger work began in  late 2021 and early 2022 when God began to speak to both of our hearts about establishing a work here in Bryson City, NC, to equip the saints to walk in the fulness of Christ and meet the needs of the region. Dominion Life Bryson City, NC was born. DLBCNC is both a Training Center as well as a Healing Room Ministry and began before we could really get into the renovation that needed to be accomplished beyond the cosmetic. People began to contact us and reach out to us for ministry. I like to say... it started with out us and we are catching up to it.

Then the real work started this past year. In between travel, ministry, conferences, mission trips and teaching... all things we love and are bless to be part of both here and on the road, but now, since the beginning of May this year, the the rate of accomplishing has been accelerated. More about that in our next update.

This is what has been done last year with some pics.

Fixed the concrete foundation, renovated the restrooms, fixed the plumbing, painted the restrooms. We also got new windows put in the sanctuary building, and so much more.  Thanks to our brother in-law and local friend. And that was just the beginning.

May 2023

More has been accomplished here on our renovation journey since the beginning of May. We said yes to the Lord concerning opening up the Healing Room Ministry and Training Center here and God has blessed up every step of the way. With an increased urgency concerning the time line the the people reaching out to us for healing ministry already we knew we would have to pick up the time line. 

Things became clear to both of us concerning the direction during a conference we attended in March of this year in Portland, OR. We received clear direction and knew, NOW, is the time. There was so much to accomplish and where to start was on the top of our prayer list. Right there in the Leadership conference in Naples, FL in April, the Lord planting the seed to help us sort things out and get us going in the work, in the heart of Philipe Lecoin, a minister friend of ours from Atlanta, GA.

Here is what has been accomplished since Philipe has joined our reno team every weekend. He helps keep us on a timeline and on track. He is here every weekend for the past few and is over the volunteers who want to join or stop by for a work visit.  Needless to say, we are very thankful for all our friends who has joined in along the way including our family who is always there and checking in on us, cheering us on.


June 2023

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